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Can't sleep

Sorry my loyal fans for my lack of updating.

Been a very stressful week. One thing after another happening. Mom and Jeff are due to come home soon. I'm going to miss Craig staying here. Thinking about it makes me break down. I've been crying for an hour. I love him so much. I stocked up on some food, sent Craig to hang out with Marco and get some food in his system. He was making me nervous :P. I love you. He won't sleep. Won't eat. Barly leaves my side to use the bathroom. It's starting to scare me. I know he loves me and i definally love him, but do i honestly deserve this? I must have ensuniated SOMETHING in order for Christopher to get away with touching me. I'm so scared. I don't know what i'll do without him. I wish we could just run away together. We had sex again last night. Even through everything that happened, i still trust him.

Craig, through everything that has happened this week, thank you for being here for me. Sorry for not being honest and a trusting girlfriend. I love you so much.

12 13reasons why i love you, Craig

-How i feel in you arms
-The sex
-Your kisses
-Your hugs
-Being with you
-how you make me feel secure
-Your beautiful face
-our talks
-our alone time
-Waking up in your arms
-The fact that no matter how many times the term 'Love' is used, it never gets old
-I could see myself growing old with you
-Getting lost in your eyes

Craig Manning, I love you.

Going to go crawl back in bed with Craig.

Oh and Dean...Better watch your back. That's all i have to say.
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