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Day one

Today has been Day one without Craig. It's so hard. I cried last night until i couldn't breathe. i wanted him with me so badly I just layed in my bed and thought of everything this week. We've been through alot, just in the week and a half i've been back home. Mom has been swooning over me every chance she gets, she "missed her baby." :Rolls eye

Mom came home early yesterday, totally ruined everything. We had sex in my bathtub. it was so beautiful, candles and everything, then we kind of moved to Toby's bedroom. Had to throw Craig out fast before mom saw him. Then i went to Paige's and we talked. I probably seem so pathetic, I love Craig, alot. Alot alot alot.

Emma and i went dress shopping today for the dance and i bought a new dress. Sorry Craig, you have you wait to see it. :).

I woke up this morning, i was so tired and exausted. I threw up again. It must be nerves or stress, i feel so nauseous, most of the day. It's hard to eat. I feel so sore. Oh no...this nah it can't mean anything, it's just stress of leaving Craig...right? Oh god i hope so.

Craig and i have plans! Going to go meet up with him, Peace all!
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