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I'm so sorry i haven't been updating. You know us pregnant women...we forget.

Or the fact that i've been in so much pain lately that i can't sit in a desk at school, let alone sit in front of the computer. I have to hide it from Craig. He'd freak out. The nurse sent me home early the past couple days, but i've been sneaking back into the school before the bell rings. Craig can't know. He's already been so overprotective lately. This is normal right? Oh please someone tell me it is.

Craig and i got in a huge fight the other night =/..but we made up, so everything is good for now We laid in bed Craig didn't want to have sex with me. He thinks i'm ugly...i just know it. And to fat... and just talked, about everything. Craig wants a little girl...with his curls and my eyes...we're gonna have to get the cutie a body guard.

What do you guys think of

Abby? ((ooc: i think that's the name Craig liked...correct me if i'm wrong...))
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