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any rock in roll is what i want, it's in my soul it's what i need.

Wow! I'm alive guys. Alive and Kickin. I haven't been going to school, and i probably won't go back. I have a child to be getting ready for. Yup i'm due in two and a half months! Soooo needless to say i have been working my ass off for money. I already have about 3500 saved. I also worked out some stuff with my mom, much to Craig's dismay. She offered to help me out, The only thing she requested is that i come back home. Which i am seriously considering. I mean i never see Craig anyways. He's always busy, with Ellie or Emma, or sleeping. I really need the money. Working two jobs is literally killing me and i need a break.

speaking of my boyfriend...has anyone seen him around lately? I don't think he's been home for like a week...

I need to go get ready for job number 2 now...i'll be back around 11 guys.

ohh and guys, stear clear of the new kid. Especially Manny...he's a jerk.

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